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  • Making Melodies Volume 1 - Sample and Sound Preset Pack
SKU: MM-101

Making Melodies Volume 1 - Sample and Sound Preset Pack



This pack contains the following:

  • 23 Atmospheres
  • 51 Bass Loops and Oneshots
  • 54 Drums
  • 38 FX
  • 80 Synth Loops and Oneshots
  • 48 Impulses (2 impulses in every key)
  • 42 Serum Presets
  • 60 Wavetables
  • 1 Custom Strigi Midnight Purple Serum Skin
  • Demo Tracks and Image


Dear fellow producer, musician, artist,


This sample and sound pack is called “Making Melodies” for a reason. I’ve really been thinking about YOU, about US, about the whole community of artists and I’ve been thinking about what’s really missing: melody. The thing that bonds our brains to the subject of wonder, especially in the electronic music community, the thing that sticks, the thing that really digs deep into our souls is melody. Sure, we have “melody” everywhere, but a lot of it isn’t hanging around the way I’m mentioning it: it often isn’t colorful enough, moody enough, useful enough.


Okay fine, maybe this is too subjective, but my ultimate hope is that we get back to that place that touches our souls while we’re vibing with the energy. My hope is that some of these sounds spark the flow state for you and you go off making even better stuff than is in this pack.


  • Total Download Size: 790 MB
    Samples : 294
    Serum Presets: 42
    Wavetables: 60

    Sample Files Format: 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate
    License File Included in ZIP Upon Purchase

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